Why Should You Visit Cambodia Once in Your Life

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a chic country located in the South East of Asia whose terrain is an expanse of reclining plains. Cambodia is a kingdom of confounding ancient and contemporary arts and history. Many of the remnants of architectural and artistic relics belong to great Khmer Empire whilst, ancient Khmer still being spoken in sizeable parts of the kingdom. The country is known for the countless spellbinding forests, divine waterfalls and convolutedly constructed synagogues that only adds to the already beautiful land of Cambodia.

Cambodia is a striking land of wonders where beauty of ethereal worlds collide. Thailand and Laos to the North, Vietnam gleaming in the East and the Gulf of Thailand to the South that gives access to Thai neck and neck beaches. The Cambodian capital Phnom Penh is a cosmos of bustling activity that sits at the crossroads of three mighty rivers; the Mekong, Tonle Sap and the Bassac. The harbor city is confluence of amenity and contemporary luxury, alleys that are lined with bars, pubs and exotic bistros is only the half of what can be explained. The massive Royal Palace of the kingdom also resides in Phnom Penh, the ornate dwelling of the King of Cambodia which is an eccentric example of timeless Khmer architecture. There are countless museums of ancient Khmer relics and memorials that can be encountered in the Cambodian capital such as the Choeung Ek and a plethora of magnificent Buddhist shrines such as the Wat Phnom and the splendid Silver Pagoda.

The absolutely charming beaches of Cambodian gulf are a sight to behold. The critics say that the seashores of the Koh Rong, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap are youthful akin to what Thailand’s beaches used to be about two decades ago, all the more reason to visit them while they are still young and sustained. The nightlife of the kingdom brings flabbergasting surprises that would leave you craving for more. Every night is an adventure such as an exciting ride in a Tuk Tuk, sundown to sunrise exuberating revelries almost rivaling that of Bangkok. Undeniably worth a try especially because of the joy ridden nightclubs and interesting people that are always a delight.

Moving on to splendor of the amazing Angkor Wat which is quite surprisingly the largest sacred monument to ever stand. A person must, at least once in their life should behold the divine beauty of the crackling sun and a hundred different identified hues at the Angkor Wat’s stone temple and the surrounding lush woods. The finest time of the year when tourism is thick in the Cambodian walls are during November to May which entails the breezier months of the year and is most definitely the hectic season for tourism. However, through countless Asian studies it has come forth that Cambodia has never been more alluring than in the wet seasons which go on through April to July, carrying torrents of rain. Though, this season sees fewer tourists it makes scouring the sites much more easily as you can avoid the crowds and often get a discounted fare. For a wondrous place such a s Cambodia itself you would definitely need some time to absorb the breathtaking beauty and the astonishing Khmer culture that is kept to this date.