Horseback Riding in Portugal

Horseback Riding in Portugal

When you want to spend time away from your daily routine in the city, consider taking a horseback riding vacation. For travelers looking to experience equestrian traditions and spend time with fabulous Lusitano horses, traveling to Portugal would be more rewarding. With its wonderful climate and varied terrain, Portugal offers travelers with the ideal setting for horse riding. Today, Portugal is known for its rich culture as well as its architecture and art which attract tourists from different parts of the world. The country is characterized a splendid coastline of beautiful beaches and cliffs in the southern region, while in the north, you’ll find forests, lush valleys, and rivers.

Those who’ve been to this beautiful country understand that horseback riding is one of the major activities here and is deeply woven into Portugal’s rich fabric. The central, Alentejo, region in Portugal is considered the best when it comes to horse riding. It’s time you went to the home of the wonderful Lusitano. You don’t need any more convincing to agree that this is a country with a special link with horses. Here are some of the horse riding holidays in Portugal.Sunset Horses Running

Algarve Coast and Tuition, Portugal

For travelers looking for an ideal location to have an enjoyable horse riding experience, the prestigious Algarve Coast would be worth visiting. The destination features an open land full of herbs and wildflowers, sandy tracks, a nature reserve, and golden beaches which make it the perfect location for groups, families, and single travelers. The location allows you to meet and interact with other families, groups of people, and individuals. Whether you come here in winter or summer, the sun is always shining.

Alentejo Coastal Trails, Portugal

As mentioned, Alentejo is one of the best horse riding vacations in Portugal. Your horseback riding vacation here will combine spending a couple of days riding in the hills while exploring the landscapes and a few more days riding along the coast. One of the things you can’t miss is riding into the hills above Grandola as you explore the eucalyptus and pine forests that have been here for centuries. At the coast, there are beaches, lagoons, and dunes awaiting your attention.

Lusitano Riding center, Portugal

Of course, there are those who’re looking for a training environment since they have no idea how to go about this horse riding thing. Well, if you belong to this group, you have nothing to worry about since Portugal is home to riding centers where visitors can “get lost in time” as they train and ride Lusitano horses.

Lusitano Trails

It’s important to note that every town in Portugal has its own fiestas all year-round celebrating the rich culture and ancient traditions. That means this is a country where you can find something for everyone. Additionally, the Lusitano horses in Portugal are famed for being unique and noble. Why not explore the Ribatejo region and other places in Portugal by taking beautiful trail rides on these willing and handsome horses? The culture of this region, as well as the countryside, is like no other place you’ve traveled to before.

Portugal has numerous options that suit every rider out there. From family-owned equestrian centers to Lusitano stud farms and beautiful trail rides, there’s plenty of wonderful riding opportunities across the country. Whether you want to enjoy rides in the countryside or have a dressage tuition, the doors are open for riders from all around the world.