Reasons to visit Phoenix on Horseback

Phoenix is capital of the glorious state of Arizona, a horse owners paradise. The place is notorious for year round warm and welcoming temperatures exceptional for enjoying horseback riding, bathing and dining under the blazing sun. In the spring and winter season especially, the city is seen bustling with lively and energetic tourists. There are a number of prodigious landmarks and interesting destinations in Phoenix locale that are an adventure of their own.

A large part of the northern Phoenix is occupied by the Sonoran Desert, which stretches from Arizona and California all the way to Mexico and is no doubt the hottest desert in American soil. Wild mustang horses dot the landscapes and you will see them often as you drive the freeways. On the contrary it is one of the most verdant deserts in the world due to its blossoming wildflowers and cacti. This makes for equestrian experiences beyond belief. The colder seasons carry breezier nights in Sonoran that brings travelers from the snowy peaks to a great midsummer weather.

Desert Horseback Riding

Other than the desert, phoenix is one of the most urbanized cosmopolitans of Arizona and the twelfth most densely inhabited metro region in the country. With many nearby suburbs such as the well known travel destination Scottsdale and Mesa to east bordered by the superstition mountains. While, the fall and spring seasons are crowded with people dying to get a look at the wonders the city holds, it is not without reason. Horseback riding is a staple of these western towns and there is an abundance of stables and horse properties available. Mesa Trees at is a local tree service in Mesa AZ that are horse owners themselves. Having rode their numerous horses through Mesa and the surrounding cities they recommend riding many of the available trails in the nearby mountains. March is no doubt the month of festivities, Arizonians are very particular about their celebrations and every form of art should be celebrated. Anytime of the year the city would be occupied in a colossal exhibition of artistic objects, even whole walls and music.

Music is the soul of Phoenix, blues, rhythms and rock of ages, all at some point have crossed paths with this majestic city. March is mainly celebrated for the countless music festivities in Phoenix like the McDowell Mountain Music Festival and another full calendar, which are equally fascinating opportunities to camp in the wilderness and meet some of the walking legends of music industry.

Just as music, art and dance carnivals, the locals are addicted to lip-smacking food. The natives have a great sense of taste, large food festivals are held in the city. Foodies from around the country visit here, to sip and sample the indigenously prepared culinary delights and beer that is poured fresh directly from tankards making it pleasant to the last drop. The classic aroma of savor of the West is appreciated country wide.

Phoenix lands are also known for adventurous road trips alternated on motorcycles and jeeps as suited to the taste of the driver.

Best Places to Visit in a Cruise

Cruising is not a new idea now but in 1922 when it started it was a revolution in the field of sailing and Cunard Lines started this service and became the first around the world cruisers. Since then cruising has become an option for travel or spending vacations on a luxurious place.

Seniors and even youngsters still dig around the world cruises as long their budget and time permits them. Most around the world cruises start twice a year once in January and once in June. But there are some around the world cruises that start on November or December of every year or on February or March of every year


For 2018, these are the around the world cruises that must come into consideration while you think about sailing.

Crystal Cruises

Crystal cruises is one of the best around the world cruises and starts on ever January of the year and end on May. It passes through all the important places like Los Angeles, New Zealand, London, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa and the prices range from about $54,000 per person based on double occupancy. But Guests had the option by starting fare at $6,500.

Cunard Lines

World Voyage becomes so luxurious with Cunard Lines 103 nights package, you get luxury, elegancy, brand, staff, quality and a world tour all in this around the world cruise. It also starts on January of every year and pass through all the important places like New York, Southampton. There are presently two cruises of Cunard Lines the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. The full trip costs about 10,000 pounds to about 119,000 pounds per person on double.

Costa Cruises

Costa is also among the best around the world cruises and also starts its voyage on January of every year and gives a package of 335 days that means about a whole year. This Cruise costs about 10,000 pounds.

Holland America

Amsterdam leaves on January of every year and visits New Zealand, Hong Kong and Greece and comes back on April of the same year totaling about 110 nights on cruising. The full trip costs about $17,000 to $65,000 per person based on double occupancy. Segment trips are also available.

These around the world cruises are the best in their field. And if you have noticed all of them start on the January of every year and their period of cruising differs from every other. That means if you want to cruise you have to decide what will be the best route and the best cruise for you. After that prices are also given that might help you in deciding your budget. Around the world cruises are a best place to spend your vacations with luxury and elegance.

Horseback Riding in Portugal

Horseback Riding in Portugal

When you want to spend time away from your daily routine in the city, consider taking a horseback riding vacation. For travelers looking to experience equestrian traditions and spend time with fabulous Lusitano horses, traveling to Portugal would be more rewarding. With its wonderful climate and varied terrain, Portugal offers travelers with the ideal setting for horse riding. Today, Portugal is known for its rich culture as well as its architecture and art which attract tourists from different parts of the world. The country is characterized a splendid coastline of beautiful beaches and cliffs in the southern region, while in the north, you’ll find forests, lush valleys, and rivers.

Those who’ve been to this beautiful country understand that horseback riding is one of the major activities here and is deeply woven into Portugal’s rich fabric. The central, Alentejo, region in Portugal is considered the best when it comes to horse riding. It’s time you went to the home of the wonderful Lusitano. You don’t need any more convincing to agree that this is a country with a special link with horses. Here are some of the horse riding holidays in Portugal.Sunset Horses Running

Algarve Coast and Tuition, Portugal

For travelers looking for an ideal location to have an enjoyable horse riding experience, the prestigious Algarve Coast would be worth visiting. The destination features an open land full of herbs and wildflowers, sandy tracks, a nature reserve, and golden beaches which make it the perfect location for groups, families, and single travelers. The location allows you to meet and interact with other families, groups of people, and individuals. Whether you come here in winter or summer, the sun is always shining.

Alentejo Coastal Trails, Portugal

As mentioned, Alentejo is one of the best horse riding vacations in Portugal. Your horseback riding vacation here will combine spending a couple of days riding in the hills while exploring the landscapes and a few more days riding along the coast. One of the things you can’t miss is riding into the hills above Grandola as you explore the eucalyptus and pine forests that have been here for centuries. At the coast, there are beaches, lagoons, and dunes awaiting your attention.

Lusitano Riding center, Portugal

Of course, there are those who’re looking for a training environment since they have no idea how to go about this horse riding thing. Well, if you belong to this group, you have nothing to worry about since Portugal is home to riding centers where visitors can “get lost in time” as they train and ride Lusitano horses.

Lusitano Trails

It’s important to note that every town in Portugal has its own fiestas all year-round celebrating the rich culture and ancient traditions. That means this is a country where you can find something for everyone. Additionally, the Lusitano horses in Portugal are famed for being unique and noble. Why not explore the Ribatejo region and other places in Portugal by taking beautiful trail rides on these willing and handsome horses? The culture of this region, as well as the countryside, is like no other place you’ve traveled to before.

Portugal has numerous options that suit every rider out there. From family-owned equestrian centers to Lusitano stud farms and beautiful trail rides, there’s plenty of wonderful riding opportunities across the country. Whether you want to enjoy rides in the countryside or have a dressage tuition, the doors are open for riders from all around the world.

Top 5 Things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is the Capital of Japan with a population nearing 40 million making it the largest metropolis on earth. Tokyo is a playground for adults, there are seamless possibilities to take part in so many fun activities and there is no shame. Do whatever you want, wear whatever you want! No one will come to judge you.

  1. Animal Cafés

Tokyo features animal cafes that are oh so famous around the world. The trend started with a cat café where there are more than just cats to play with. There is a range of animals you would like to pick bird-zoos, rabbits, cats, dogs, in Japan there is no real limit. The restaurant lets you get out an animal that you like the most and you can play with it, feed it and eat across each other. Perfect place if you haven’t a date.


  1. Akihabara

Akiba or Akihabara has emerged as a Japanese cartoon center in the last few decades. Anime, manga and video game otaku culture is the heart of this district. It has dozens of specialty stores that sell everything starting from action figures and collectibles to retro flashcards and video games. It is also the homes to several multi-floor arcades, maid cafes and other theme restaurants.


  1. Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine and its forested grounds are a few minutes’ walk from the Harajuku. The Shrine is a remarkable specimen from the 1920’s, dedicated to the Late Emperor Meiji and his consort the Empress Shoken. The memorial grounds is a peaceful sanctuary away amidst the city’s crowd just as its neighbor the Yoyogi Park, the arboreal area of Tokyo that is the perfect escape from the hectic and noisy city. There are plenty if areas surrounding the Meiji shrine that are worth a visit at least once. The Harajuku is known as the center of teenage culture in Japan, this is exactly where you will find the notorious Takeshita Dori shopping street and the elegant Omotesandrio Avenue, the hubs of high-end shopping options.

  1. Shinjuku

Shinjuku is a lively entertainment and business district known for being one of the Japan’s premier nightlife enjoyment spots. It is one of the multiple major downtown areas of Tokyo as the Shinjuku bus station is the busiest in the world. To the west is the high-rise district inhabiting Tokyo’s tallest skyscrapers such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building that provides a great view of the city’s majestic skyline. Incredible bars and shopping districts lie in the crux of the Shinjuku vicinity.


  1. Asakusa

Asakusa is one of the best historical districts to experience old fashioned Tokyo. This part of the city was inhabited by townspeople during the Edo era. The main attractions is Asakusa is the Sensoji Temple, completed in the 7th Century it marks as one of Tokyo’s largest, primeval and most popular Buddhist temple. Leading up to the main temple building is the iconic gate of the Kaminarimon and Nakamise shopping street which is lined with the vendors selling localty item and souvenirs.

Why Should You Visit Cambodia Once in Your Life

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a chic country located in the South East of Asia whose terrain is an expanse of reclining plains. Cambodia is a kingdom of confounding ancient and contemporary arts and history. Many of the remnants of architectural and artistic relics belong to great Khmer Empire whilst, ancient Khmer still being spoken in sizeable parts of the kingdom. The country is known for the countless spellbinding forests, divine waterfalls and convolutedly constructed synagogues that only adds to the already beautiful land of Cambodia.

Cambodia is a striking land of wonders where beauty of ethereal worlds collide. Thailand and Laos to the North, Vietnam gleaming in the East and the Gulf of Thailand to the South that gives access to Thai neck and neck beaches. The Cambodian capital Phnom Penh is a cosmos of bustling activity that sits at the crossroads of three mighty rivers; the Mekong, Tonle Sap and the Bassac. The harbor city is confluence of amenity and contemporary luxury, alleys that are lined with bars, pubs and exotic bistros is only the half of what can be explained. The massive Royal Palace of the kingdom also resides in Phnom Penh, the ornate dwelling of the King of Cambodia which is an eccentric example of timeless Khmer architecture. There are countless museums of ancient Khmer relics and memorials that can be encountered in the Cambodian capital such as the Choeung Ek and a plethora of magnificent Buddhist shrines such as the Wat Phnom and the splendid Silver Pagoda.

The absolutely charming beaches of Cambodian gulf are a sight to behold. The critics say that the seashores of the Koh Rong, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap are youthful akin to what Thailand’s beaches used to be about two decades ago, all the more reason to visit them while they are still young and sustained. The nightlife of the kingdom brings flabbergasting surprises that would leave you craving for more. Every night is an adventure such as an exciting ride in a Tuk Tuk, sundown to sunrise exuberating revelries almost rivaling that of Bangkok. Undeniably worth a try especially because of the joy ridden nightclubs and interesting people that are always a delight.

Moving on to splendor of the amazing Angkor Wat which is quite surprisingly the largest sacred monument to ever stand. A person must, at least once in their life should behold the divine beauty of the crackling sun and a hundred different identified hues at the Angkor Wat’s stone temple and the surrounding lush woods. The finest time of the year when tourism is thick in the Cambodian walls are during November to May which entails the breezier months of the year and is most definitely the hectic season for tourism. However, through countless Asian studies it has come forth that Cambodia has never been more alluring than in the wet seasons which go on through April to July, carrying torrents of rain. Though, this season sees fewer tourists it makes scouring the sites much more easily as you can avoid the crowds and often get a discounted fare. For a wondrous place such a s Cambodia itself you would definitely need some time to absorb the breathtaking beauty and the astonishing Khmer culture that is kept to this date.