Reasons to visit Phoenix on Horseback

Phoenix is capital of the glorious state of Arizona, a horse owners paradise. The place is notorious for year round warm and welcoming temperatures exceptional for enjoying horseback riding, bathing and dining under the blazing sun. In the spring and winter season especially, the city is seen bustling with lively and energetic tourists. There are a number of prodigious landmarks and interesting destinations in Phoenix locale that are an adventure of their own.

A large part of the northern Phoenix is occupied by the Sonoran Desert, which stretches from Arizona and California all the way to Mexico and is no doubt the hottest desert in American soil. Wild mustang horses dot the landscapes and you will see them often as you drive the freeways. On the contrary it is one of the most verdant deserts in the world due to its blossoming wildflowers and cacti. This makes for equestrian experiences beyond belief. The colder seasons carry breezier nights in Sonoran that brings travelers from the snowy peaks to a great midsummer weather.

Desert Horseback Riding

Other than the desert, phoenix is one of the most urbanized cosmopolitans of Arizona and the twelfth most densely inhabited metro region in the country. With many nearby suburbs such as the well known travel destination Scottsdale and Mesa to east bordered by the superstition mountains. While, the fall and spring seasons are crowded with people dying to get a look at the wonders the city holds, it is not without reason. Horseback riding is a staple of these western towns and there is an abundance of stables and horse properties available. Mesa Trees at is a local tree service in Mesa AZ that are horse owners themselves. Having rode their numerous horses through Mesa and the surrounding cities they recommend riding many of the available trails in the nearby mountains. March is no doubt the month of festivities, Arizonians are very particular about their celebrations and every form of art should be celebrated. Anytime of the year the city would be occupied in a colossal exhibition of artistic objects, even whole walls and music.

Music is the soul of Phoenix, blues, rhythms and rock of ages, all at some point have crossed paths with this majestic city. March is mainly celebrated for the countless music festivities in Phoenix like the McDowell Mountain Music Festival and another full calendar, which are equally fascinating opportunities to camp in the wilderness and meet some of the walking legends of music industry.

Just as music, art and dance carnivals, the locals are addicted to lip-smacking food. The natives have a great sense of taste, large food festivals are held in the city. Foodies from around the country visit here, to sip and sample the indigenously prepared culinary delights and beer that is poured fresh directly from tankards making it pleasant to the last drop. The classic aroma of savor of the West is appreciated country wide.

Phoenix lands are also known for adventurous road trips alternated on motorcycles and jeeps as suited to the taste of the driver.